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Curriculum Vitae


Vanessa ChristmannVanessa Christmann was born 1966 in Frankfurt/Main and she grew up in a family of photographers.
After High-School graduation and several traineeships in Frankfurt, 1 1/2 years of practise in New York, she worked her way up to 1. assistant (ie. for Still- Lifers like SATO).
Afterwards Bayrische Staatslehranstalt for Photography in Munich, then working as assistant in Frankfurt/M.
Location Scout for advertisement and fashion productions all over Europe.


Since 1991 working as independent Photographer, mainly fashion stills, but also industry- and architecture photographies (ie. for hotels) for the purpose of company presentations or reference photographies. Children- and fashion photographie, landscape- and city reports.
Moved to Hamburg 1997 and since 2002 living in Barcelona, busy for several agencies and direct customers all over Germany and Spain, production for Nino (Nino's Website), a lot of catalogues (ie. Otto Versand) but advertisement as well (ie. Pentax).
Gladly she likes to work also for little companies who intend to get "only" a little photograph for their internet appearance for example.

Studio with flash applications, middle and large format cameras as well as digital cameras available, digital post-processing possible.






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